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Perspective control for medium format SLR cameras

Expand the capabilities of the latest medium format digital cameras from Pentax, Phase One, Hasselblad, and others, or use the Pro Shift Adapter with classic film 6x4.5, 6x6, and 6x7 medium format SLRs. Achieve rise / fall / shift up to 20mm and rotaton of a full 360° with 30° detents.

Two versions: The ProSA-ZM uses Zork's propriety front thread and the Mini Makro helical focusing mount. The ZM allows direct mounting of the Zoerk Multi Focus System or Mini Makro Mount. Use "short mount" lenses (such as the excellent APO Rodagon or Schneider lenses) or large format lenses (minimum focal length 105mm). Or—with the ProSA-P67—use the superb lenses from the Pentax 67 medium format system and access a focal lengths as short as 45mm (or use the 35mm Fisheye and correct distortion in software). The ProSA-P67 can also be fitted with the Mini Makro Mount or Multifocus System to accomodate short mount and large format lenses (min. focal length 120mm).

For leaf-shutter cameras, such as Hasselblad V and H series (that latter requires the Hasselblad V-H adapter) and Rollei 6xxx use the ProSA-ZM. These cameras require a large format lens with a Copal 0 shuuter. Large format lenses require a mounting tube in order to attach to the front of either our Mini Makro Mount focusing helical or Multi Focus System. The lens and in-camera light baffle must be released separately, limiting hand-held use.

If you'd like to create a mini view camera, simply mount our Multi Focus System on the Pro Shift Adapter, and enjoy a full range of adjustments—up to +/- 20mm of rise / fall and 25° tilt / swing.

ProSA-P67 on Mamiya AF (or current Phase One). Use lenses from the Pentax 67 for up to 20mm of shift / 360° rotation.    

The ProSA-ZM (Zork-mount front thread) may be combined with the Multi Focus System and a large format len. This combination provides 20mm of shift with up to 25° of tilt. Minimum focal length 135-150 (depending on camera / format size). Note that in-lens shutter of large format lens (shown above on legacy Pentax 67 SLR) is required on camera systems using leaf shutters, e.g., Hasselblad V or H series and Rolle 6xxx.

  ProSA-P67 on Contax 645


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use my camera manufacturer’s lenses on the ProSA?
Shift adjustment involves moving a lens off axis from center. Hence, the "image circle" produced by the shifted lens must be considerably larger (at least 75-80mm) than the image area of the host camera, e.g., 40x54mm with the Phase One IQ280/IQ260 or 33x44mm on the current Pentax 645z. (Illustration of image circle principles are here: Luminous Landscape article on perspective control) The excellent quality Pentax 67 system lenses, because they were originally designed to cover a 60x70mm image area, or large format lenses (some of which cover a massive 4x5 or larger image area) will easily cover the image area of smaller medium format camears, when these lenses are shifted off axis—and will do so without vignetting or loss of edge quality. Lenses designed for the host camera lack the image circle size to permit off axis movement and still cover the image area. Also, interposing a shift adapter between the lens and camera body would create an "extension tube effect," and allow the lens only to focus close up, but not out to infinity.

What lenses are recommended for use with the ProSA?
The choice of lens will depend to some degree on the host camera system, shooting application, whether you choose Pentax 67 or short mount / large format lenses. If you already own a large format system or enlarger lenses then one of these may be mounted on our Mini Makro Mount or Multi Focus System for use on the ProSA. However, please consult us for compatibility first as some design restrictions apply. With cameras requiring lenses with in-built shutters (e.g., Hasselblad H series), you will have to manually close the lens's shutter before releasing the camera body’s internal light baffle (on "B"), and then manually release the in-lens shutter to make the exposure. Because of the multiple steps involved in exposure, tripod-based operation is essential.

How is focus controlled?
Because enlarger lenses lack a focusing mount, you will need to purchase either our Mini Makro Mount or Multi Focus System (which adds tilt and swing capability) for use with this type of lens on the ProSA-ZM. The APO lens used in conjunction with the ProSA and Multi Focus System is ideal for applications such as table top (magnification of up to 2:1 is possible with our extension tube set), architectural, landscape, portraiture, and many others.

The light weight and compact size of the ProSA, even when equipped with the Multi Focus System, makes it ideal for field use or even hand-held close-up photography. This configuration can replace a large format camera for extended travel and outdoor photography where the highest quality results are desired without minimum bulk and weight.



Operation of ProSA (shown with Tilt Tube)

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