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Zörk Film & Phototechnic, based in Munich, Germany, was founded by Herwig W. Zörkendörfer in 1975.
For over 25 years Zörk Film & Phototechnic has provided solutions to a range of photographic challenges facing professional and enthusiast photographers worldwide. Our innovations range from equipment that provides view camera functionality for DSLRs, mirrorless, and medium format cameras as well as for commerical grade motion picture / video cameras. Zörk products cover a remarkable range of photographic interests from portraiture and landscape, to specialized macro, scientific, architectural, and table-top applications.

All of our products stem from our unabashed enthusiasm for photography and image-making, a strong interest in the history of the photographic arts and technology, and a desire to help others produce unique and striking images that satisfy the eye and fufill the imagination.

We have created products that bridge a traditionalist approach with the convenience and cost-effectiveness offered by modern digital and video cameras. Hence, our tilt and shift products allow the photographer the wide range of movement possible only with the view camera - tilt, shift, rise, and fall - only with much more freedom of mobility, increased flexibility, and at lower cost. Our Pinhole sets and Lens Obscura stimulate creative experimentation, allowing students and experienced photographers both to experience the joy of playing with the "basic" elements of light and optics.

Professionals around the world have discovered that our unique products extend the scope and versatility of most interchangeable lens digital camera systems, including mirrorless platforms from Fuji, Olympus, Sony, and others.

Our patented products and custom made systems are manufactured in Munich, Germany, and guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding photographer. All of our products sold in the US are supported by our offices both here and in Germany.


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